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Drive traffic with painless email newsletters.

Increase traffic by up to 20%.

10 minutes to set up.

10 minutes to curate.

$10 per month.

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TalkBass and Threadloom Newsletter
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10 minutes to set up

Get started in 3 easy steps: Install the plug-in, update your DNS records, and upload an email logo banner.


Email address verification

Automatically verify every contact before an issues goes out, saving money and protecting your reputation.  A $70-100 value.

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10 minutes to curate

Use Autopilot to send newsletters automatically, or use our Curation Assistant to avoid embarrassing mistakes.


Machine learning

Threadloom Newsletter automatically selects your best content and gets smarter the more you use it.


$10 per month

Everything you need to send great newsletters: mail delivery, email verification, forum integration, and reporting.


Emails that look great everywhere

Customize your logo and colors with designs that are fully Acid-tested and optimized across browsers and devices.


Increase traffic by up to 20%

Threadloom Newsletter uses machine learning to identify your best content and easily send out great-looking email newsletters.  TalkBass.com increased traffic by 16% with Threadloom Newsletter.  AULRO.com increased traffic by 20%.  In both cases, growth was overwhelmingly from incremental/new sessions.  Download their case studies:

Below are click rates for Newsletter vs. Weekly Digest for both sites.


  • TalkBass.com email newsletter click rates for active members
  • AULRO.com email newsletter click rates for active members

We always knew newsletters were crucial but never had time, and auto-generated newsletters were risky at best.

Threadloom Newsletter excels at picking engaging content, and Curation Assistant produces an awesome newsletter week after week.

Paul Determan

TalkBass.com Admin

TalkBass quote

Threadloom Newsletter has been very rewarding.

Increased activity on the forum and interaction between forum members.

Worth every penny IMHO!

Dave Blears

AULRO.com Admin


Frequently Asked Questions


How effective is email?

Email is the most cost-effective user acquisition channel, next to organic search.  On average, our customers realize CPCs of ~$0.0025.  For many top communities, email is the second biggest driver of traffic to the site behind organic search.


What makes Threadloom Newsletter different from other email newsletter options?

Threadloom uses machine learning to select the best content for your email newsletters.  This produces higher click rates and more traffic to your forum.  Threadloom is also fully integrated with XenForo and vBulletin, and automatically keeps your lists in sync.  Finally, it includes everything you need to effectively send email newsletters, regardless of how big or small your forum is.


How much does Threadloom Newsletter cost?

You pay based on the number of people you contact.  For weekly email newsletters, we charge $10 per month for the first 10,000 members you contact.  We will be rolling out additional plans soon, including an option for unlimited emails.


What's included in the $10 per month?

Everything you need to send newsletters: weekly mail delivery via SendGrid (we set it up for you), marketing tools (list management, reporting), and our curation and segmentation tools.

You also get email address verification.  This ensures that you don't send emails to invalid addresses and helps preserve your sender reputation so your emails don't wind up in the spam folder.  Kickbox.io and BriteVerify.com normally charge $70-100 per 10,000 contacts.  Because we send millions of emails, we purchase in bulk at a significant discount and pass along the savings to you as part of the $10 monthly price.  We verify all contacts before your newsletter goes out, including newly registered members.


Is there a limit on how many contacts / how large of a forum Threadloom Newsletter supports?

No.  Threadloom Newsletter have individual forums sending over 1/4 million emails at a time, and sends out millions of emails per month.


Do I have to use Threadloom Search to participate in Threadloom Newsletter?

No.  But good news! Threadloom Search customers who also use Threadloom Newsletter will eventually get the option of personalized email newsletters for their members.


How does this integrate with Threadloom List Builder?

When Threadloom List Builder is publicly released, Threadloom Newsletter will integrate directly with List Builder so that emails you collect through the opt-in forms are automatically available as a segment in Threadloom Newsletter.


Do you sell or share my data?

No. We will never sell or share your data.


Will you update the plug-in for XenForo 2.0?